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Lost Wedding ring returned! Reunited with wife - Gold Coast, Australia

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Title :  Lost Wedding ring returned! Reunited with wife - Gold Coast, Australia
Duration :   7.47
Upload by :  Lost Treasures
Published :   12 Jan 2015
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Parsa called me to say he had lost his wedding band in the surf at Coolangatta beach on the Gold Coast. He said he was almost waist deep in the water when his ring just slipped off in to the salty froth. He has recently lost some weight and coupled with cold water it was the usual recipe for disaster. Parsa was also dentist and so needed a loose ring because he had to remove it every day for work. These are notoriously the most difficult types of recovery jobs, especially if you have to actually detect in the surf. I studied the tides and knew the best chance was to hit it about an hour before low tide when the water would have dropped by about 50cm from when Parsa and the ring had become separated.

I rang a colleague, Craig to help me with the recovery as I knew there would be a lot of difficult ground to cover. We met his wife Monica on the Coolangatta beach (Parsa was on his first day back at work after the Christmas break and would try and meet us later). Monica told us that they had only been married 2 years. She was studying here and so they both moved over from Western Australia. Coolangatta was Parsa’s favourite beach in the world and the ring meant everything to them. Parsa had even put a small diamond in it as his trademark. We would do everything we could to try and reunite them with their priceless 18k gold wedding band.

Monica pointed to the rough area where she thought she saw him lose the ring. Luckily the area was mostly now exposed wet sand and so at worst we would only have to detect in fairly shallow water. Craig and I set up a huge grid by dragging a long steel recovery scoop along in the sand. Craig started in the lower section while I concentrated on the higher part of the beach, we would meet in the middle.

After an hour we had covered the whole grid and even expanded each side. We were not particularly hopeful because there was a very strong current pushing north and we thought the ring could potentially have been dragged 100s of meters away. We did find a few other bits and pieces, including a necklace, earrings and pieces of aluminium so there was still a small chance of it being close.

I thought I might bring Monica over to have another look at the area and see if she remembered any landmarks to help us hone in on the target zone. When she came down she thought perhaps it might have been a little closer to the rocks. So we set out another large grid right next to our old previously detected ground. Off we went again. After another hour we were getting quite close to the edge of the grid and we had all but given up hope. Monica, who had been sitting nervously on the beach for almost 3 hours was also looking glum. But just as Craig got to the last corner of our grid a beautiful sound came out of his headphones. I saw him excitedly digging away and quickly pressed record on my video sunglasses, I really hoped this was it (see below for the footage!).

By the time I had walked over, Craig was rubbing something between his fingers… Gold! It was a small shiny gold ring and at first we thought it was too small to be a man’s wedding band… we needed to find the small signature diamond to be sure. There was nothing on the outside, so Craig was briefly disappointed until he spotted something interesting on the inside of the ring… there was a little mark…the mark was a tiny little diamond! I called Monica over and asked her where on Parsa’s ring they had placed the diamond, she said on the inside! We had found the ring, against all the odds. Handing it over to Monica, she was over the moon. She said how sentimental it was to them and how if it wasn’t recovered she was not sure if Parsa would ever come back to his favourite beach again. Parsa called me personally to tell me how thankful he was that it had been found and that if I ever needed dental work to let him know. My father has just retired so I might just take you up on that offer Parsa…

Here is some video footage of the recovery!

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