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16 Mysterious Pyramids Around The World

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Title :  16 Mysterious Pyramids Around The World
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Published :   8 Nov 2018
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You might not always realize it, but pyramids were built by various civilizations and new discoveries might prove they’re on every continent across the globe and possibly on other planets in our solar system?. They’re not just in Egypt folks that’s for sure! From large mounds built for Chinese emperors, to various egyptian construction projects that still look pretty cool, here are the most mysterious pyramids around the world.

But a quick shout goes to aiden for leaving us this comment on our discoveries in caves video. It’s amazing how modern techn ology can possibly bring back extinct animals. Let us know in the comment section if you think aliens built or built the pyramids, and give your reasoning why and maybe we’ll feature you in an upcoming video

16. Pyramids Djoser Pyramids
Built long ago in 2700 BC in the mysterious land of ancient Egypt, in the necropolis of Saqqara is the the Djoser Pyramid which dominates the landscape of the nearby area. It stands 203 feet tall or 62 meters and was once polished with white limestone. It was constructed by the 2nd king of the 3rd dynasty, King Djoser which gives the step pyramid its name. Before step pyramids or smooth edge pyramids became popular, the pharaohs of ancient egypt prefered to be buried in mastabas which are rectangular prism shaped and typically made of mud bricks like we see in this photo. We begin to notice an advancement in tomb architecture when the mastabas began to stack on top of each other, essentially creating a step pyramid. The pyramid was not simply a tomb at this point, it was a way to reach the afterlife, so total dedication to the project was needed.

15. Bent Pyramid
An ancient architect had originally built this pyramid too steep and had to make some correction midway in order to correct his mistake. This bent pyramid in the necropolis of Dahshur, begins at a steep 54 degree inclination but midway through, they realized this wouldn’t work and the top section was corrected at a 43 degree inclination. This would give the pyramid its bent aspect that it’s known for today. Some people probably don’t mind the fact that it’s slightly bent and like it’s bent aspect. In any case though, if the architect had continued with its original designed it would appear extremely bizarre and would most likely not exist today or would have collapsed during the construction. A large majority of the external, polished limestone remains making archaeologists very impressed that something was done right on this blunder.

14. Bosnian Pyramid
Many wouldn’t come to Bosnia and expect to see a pyramid. It’s possibly that because it wasn’t discovered until 2005 and because you probably never learned about it in history class. If the claims are real, the Bosnian Pyramid would be 25000 years old and the oldest pyramid ever built, which means we all need to start burning our history books again. Archaeologists are extremely skeptical of this because it defies accepted history. If you take a close look at it, it truly takes the form of a man made structure. Many want these extraordinary claims to be backed up by extraordinary evidence before it is accepted among the archaeology community. If it is real, it does deserve a place on this list. What do you guys think? Strangely shaped mountain or possibly an ancient pyramid? Anyone from bosnia wanna let us know!

13. Chinese Pyramids
You might have heard about about China’s Great Wall but what about China’s Great Pyramids. As we’re about to see, pyramids span the globe and China has their fair share of pyramids as well, almost making it an international symbol of the ruling class. Interesting. You see how there are some similarities with the ones in Bosnia and how they’re covered in vegetation.The main difference between the pyramids in egypt and the pyramids in China is that the ones in China or bosnia may possibly be mistaken for a grassy knoll or something. This photo were see here is of the Maoling Mound which is the largest of any western burial mounds among the western Han Dynasty. It measures roughly 47 meters and had walls 6 meters thick. The infamous tomb of qin shi huang is another pyramid type structure known as mount li contained the terra cotta army and is still rumored to have tons of boobie traps

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